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The Success Story of Unique World Owner

Unique World Owner, Sulaiman TM

The Unique World Owner Sulaiman TM, a name that reflects vision, leadership and innovation, is the driving force behind the remarkable success of the Unique World Group.

Sulaiman TM, CEO of Unique Business Group and Founder of Unique World, has carved a unique spot in the UAE’s business landscape.Under his leadership, Unique World Group has expanded its reach by offering exceptional services and pioneering innovative solutions.

The founder of Unique World Sulaiman’s visionary approach and commitment to excellence has cemented his reputation as a transformational leader in the UAE.

A Legacy of Growth

For over 17 years, Sulaiman TM’s unwavering commitment to excellence has driven Unique Group into an industry leader.  His visionary approach has encouraged exceptional growth, making Unique Group one of the UAE’s most rapidly expanding business empires. 

The Group’s diverse portfolio confines education, real estate, hospitality, and technology, a testament to The Unique World’s Founder Sulaiman TM’s remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.

The Unique Business Group has consistently achieved new heights, leveraging clever strategies and fostering teamwork across various sectors. The CEO of Unique Business GroupSulaiman TM’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach ensures continued success and growth for The Unique World.

Under the leadership of Sulaiman TM, Unique Group has fostered a culture of collaboration, where each business can leverage the expertise and resources of the others. This cross-pollination has led to innovation and a holistic approach to business that benefits Unique Group and its clients.

Empowering Businesses & Individuals

Under the guidance of Unique Business Group CEO Sulaiman TM, Unique Group has impacted over 500,000 businesses across various industries. They’ve built strong relationships with over 2000 clients, solidifying Unique Group’s position as a trusted partner for business success.
Their dedication to social responsibility and client success ensures a lasting impact, entrusting businesses and communities for a brighter future.

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Furthermore, The Unique World Owner Sulaiman TM strong believer in giving back to the community. Unique Group is actively involved in various social initiatives, focusing on education and entrepreneurship.

The Unique Bussiness World’s commitment to client success fosters long-term partnerships, ensuring that businesses not only achieve their initial goals but also experience sustained growth alongside Unique Group’s expertise.

Beyond Business: Shaping Futures

Sulaiman TM’s influence extends far beyond his own companies.  Unique World Education, a top medical and engineering entrance coaching center, empowers students (Grades 6-12) to define their career paths with superior training. 

Thousands of students have benefitted from his dedication to education, achieving their academic dreams.

Sulaiman TM’s management guarantees that Unique World Education no longer only makes a speciality of educational excellence but also fosters critical thinking and holistic development. His dedication to nurturing talent has transformed infinite students’ lives, getting them ready for a promising future.

A Guiding Light for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Unique World Owner Sulaiman TM’s determined commitment to excellence and innovative thinking has earned him the respect of fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. His success inspires and offers valuable insights to those navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. 

His leadership highlights the importance of determination, adaptability, and continuous learning. By fostering a culture of innovation and integrity, the founder of Unique WorldSulaiman TM has set a benchmark for aspiring entrepreneurs, motivating them to pursue their dreams with determined dedication and vision.


Golden visa

International Design League Award

Sathyadhara Magazine Special Award

Gold 101.3 FM Award

Star Vision Business Excellence Award

Recognised by Media One Pravasolsavam

Honoured by HSD International Security Services

Sharjah KMCC Business Award

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