Unique World Expands Reach With Strategic Partnership With Sharjah Media City (Shams)

Unique World Group of Companies is proud to announce its new partnership with Sharjah Media City (Shams), a creative hub and leading provider of freezone licenses in the UAE. The collaboration was officially declared during a meeting at the Shams headquarters in Sharjah on January 9, 2024.

This partnership lays the foundation for the establishment of a strategic bond between the two, and it is sure to build up exciting new opportunities for businesses in the region. Unique World will be able to leverage Shams’ expertise in freezone licensing and entrepreneurship to enhance its offerings and expand its reach, while Shams will gain access to Unique World’s extensive network of clients and partners.

The event featured insightful discussions on the aspects and benefits of Freezone licensing, accessible entrepreneurship, inspiring business growth, and the mutual benefits that this partnership presents. Key representatives from both organisations attended, highlighting their commitment to success. The meeting also included a tour of Shams Business Centre, providing Unique World with a firsthand experience of its world-class facilities and infrastructure.

Mr. Razzak TM, CEO of Unique World, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a strategic move for Unique World. We aim to leverage Shams’ expertise to enhance our offerings and expand our reach.”

Mr. Faras Salibi, Director of Licencing and Customer Relations at Shams, added, “Shams is pleased to welcome Unique World as an official channel partner, opening new avenues for both organisations.”

The partnership between Unique World and Shams is sure to have a positive impact on the Freezone licensing landscape in the UAE and empower entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and freelancers. With their combined expertise and resources, the two companies are well-positioned to provide businesses with the support they need to succeed in the region.

The partnership between Unique World and Shams promises exciting developments in freezone licensing and business services. Industry leaders present at the announcement included Mr. Razzak TM, Mr. Faras Salibi, Mr. Muhammed Ali, Mr. Vishal Dixit, Ms. Zhanara, Mr. Abdul Salam VP, Mr. Sathya Dev, Mrs. Lady Jasper, and Mr. Akhil.

Stay tuned for more updates as Unique World and Shams embark on this collaborative journey, aiming to create and foster mutual success in the dynamic business landscape of the UAE!