One on One Starter– Work Station

Work Station

One on One Starter– Office for Rent in Dubai

The one on one starter commercial office space is best fit for businessmen who have clients come in or if there are 2 partners in the business on a consistent basis. If you are looking for an office space for rent in Dubai that has slightly more space and seating than the self-starter, choose one on one starter. It gets you around other like-minded entrepreneurs, ignites intellectual conversations and gives you great insight about market conditions.

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What you get

Our featured Facilities and Amenities

Two swivel chairs
Comfy and lightweight for you to work long hours without a backache
Access to pantries
Equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and a sink area for your breaks
Access to conference/meeting rooms
For your important business meetings
Access to all lobby areas
For you to have casual conversations with fellow businessmen
A personal access card
For you to access all parts of the property
A modern desk
With drawers and ample space for you to work
37 – 45 sqft. area
Prayer room
Hygienic restrooms
Business name board
Access to a smart reception
Access to the cafeteria