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Business Executive Office – Office Space in Karama

Business is fixated on numerical measures and if you have found an office space that doesn't compliment your work culture, things are not going to get good! A perfect office space in Dubai with sufficient space for employees and ample space for the clients can be presented to you in the best possible way by us.

Catering to your needs to find the best office space in Karama, a business predominant location, we go distances to find the perfect spot. If you are looking for a business executive office space, you get to be in the heart of Dubai within an aesthetic office that matches your values. You would be able to display signage, invite clients in for a conversation and store a lot of your items in addition to ambient lighting and design. Cheap office space for rent in Dubai can also be selectively found that matches your affordability.

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What you get

Our featured Facilities and Amenities

Access to conference/meeting
rooms for your important business meetings
A swivel chair
comfy and lightweight for you to work long hours without a backache
Access to pantries equipped
with a microwave, refrigerator and a sink area for your breaks
Access to all lobby areas
for you to have casual conversations with fellow businessmen
Option to choose the licensing
which would either be an Ejari or a Sustainable contract depending on your type of business
A personal access card
for you to access all parts of the property
A modern desk
with drawers and ample space for you to work
Access to a smart reception
for us to take care of your guests
100 – 120 sqft. area
Hygienic restrooms
Prayer room
Business name board
Access to the cafeteria
Personal access card